Target Practice

Thunk! In the movies, there is always a slick pling! and then a nice crunch as the arrow hits the target. With a bow in my hand, the sound is usually a thunk followed by a ricochet as the arrow falls flat on the ground away from the target. Archery does not come easy to me. It’s a challenge. I’ll admit it: I am awful. My husband wisely told me that everyone is awful when they start out. No one gets it right the moment they pick up a bow. Thank God I have him on my side. And you know, I think he’s right. At least I can say I have a lot of room for improvement. I wouldn’t want to start out with it mastered. That would get boring, I suppose. But it would be nice for the first few weeks.
Even in life I seem so off-target. I don’t know where to aim so I never get the arrow where I should. Sometimes it feels like I’m shooting up at the trees and missing every branch. All I get out of this is the joy of seeing the arrow flying and then the fright of taking cover as it plummets back to me. But I get nowhere.
I turn 29 in a little over a month. To some, I’m still so young. To kids, I’m ancient. Really, I’m just trying to magically turn into an adult. Career-wise, I’ve got a colorful resume. I’ve tried so many types of jobs that all I know for sure is what I don’t want to do. Like shoot into the trees. Where is my target? At almost-thirty years old, I still don’t know. Some people tell me I never will.
I don’t feel like I have unrealistic expectations. I studied Field Biology (Environmental Science) and Spanish in college. I was told Spanish would be a shoo-in for a job. They failed to warn me that if you don’t want to teach Spanish, retail is the most common second choice. And they’ll pay you maybe a whole dollar more per hour, making your hourly wage somewhere around $9….Okay, I’m being cynical here. In the process of hoping Spanish would be helpful, I’ve lost touch with it. Now I feel like my skills are sinking away from me.
I know I’m not the only person feeling this way. Economically, I do believe things are getting better. I just need to brush up on my skills, take aim, and find that blasted target.

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