Blasphemy on the King of Pop

After Michael Jackson died, I felt like his life was a sad story. I felt like he had sacrificed his personal life and his health for worldly success. He traded the things that matter most for the things that don’t last: fame and fortune. It was tragic that he was seen as such a success, but it was at the cost of losing himself.

After watching him rehearse in the movie, This Is It, I see things a little differently. His gift, no doubt, was music. And though he lost many things along the way to pursuing his dream of making music, he can be commended on his dedication. He dedicated himself entirely to perfecting his craft. He took the gift God gave him and did the best he could with it. He aimed for perfection.

In a sense, I think that we all have a similar calling. We all have our individual God-given gifts. And I think it is part of our purpose that we should develop this gift and use it to help others. That’s where our meaning is.

We should do the best we can with the gifts we’re given. If you love crunching numbers, do people’s taxes and do it well. Use your gift. Perfect it. Devote yourself to it. God must have a reason for giving it to you. So do Him proud by using it to bless the people around you. I believe only good things can come from this. And maybe, just maybe, that’s why some of us feel so lost. We’re ignoring our gifts, letting them gather dust in the corner while the world needs them so desperately. We are all a piece of this big puzzle and it can’t be complete with even one piece missing.

I say these things like I’m so good at it, but don’t be fooled. I’ve been known to deprive myself of the things that I enjoy most. And I’m not even sure why I do it. But I need to stop. I need to open up to the world. I need to pick myself up off the floor and go back to enjoying myself. It’s time to share my gifts with the world.

Yesterday, I finished some major editing on my novel, Deliverer: Secret of Lake Burnish. It’s the first book of the trilogy. I finally feel like it’s ready for a reader, and I’ll be researching literary agents very soon.

I’ve been putting great effort into slowing myself down with my editing. I don’t want to throw the book out into the world before it is ready. This is no easy task for any writer. But I’ve rehearsed and edited and cried and celebrated enough with this book. My next step is looking for outside help, even if that means I have to go back to the editing board.

I am ready.


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