Black Moon Tides

Lumen Christi

Change is in the air. So much so that even the moon is going through unique phases. On Thursday, there was a black moon. That means that there were two new moons in a 30 day period. Kind of like a blue moon, except that the moon is blacked out. This moon was also a supermoon, which means that it was slightly closer to the earth during its orbit and appeared larger than normal. Tides were higher as well.

Unfortunately, the sky was white with clouds all day, so I couldn’t see it for myself. But that didn’t stop my husband and me from celebrating it. It can get kind of mystical, but some people believe the black moon is a sign of fresh beginnings and that hidden truths will be revealed. Sounded fun to us. We went out to a fancier restaurant than normal and I finally gave in and got that expensive salmon on the menu. It was delicious. We drank martinis instead of beer. We did what we could to change our normal routine. It was refreshing. It was a way for us to welcome change.

The Chinese New Year began the following day. I’m not one of those people who like horoscopes or predictions of how the year is going to be, but I looked it up for this post. They are saying that it’s going to be a year of conflict, where people stick to their principles and won’t compromise. Of course, your personal prediction for the year depends on what your Chinese zodiac is.

I hate reading stuff like this because you have a tendency to make it happen the way it predicts if you believe the prediction is true. So instead of a terrible year, as it predicts for me, I choose to believe in a year of prosperous change. Things are going to get better for me in 2014. I will make my own fortune and pave a new road. There are good changes up ahead. Not because of the moon or the year I was born, but because I have the power to choose to make it different. I am in control of the decisions I make and the way I interact with the world and the problems around me.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to lucky, prosperous 2014. May we all make strides to a better life for ourselves this year. I’ll keep you updated.

Photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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