Lest I Become Like Them


Photo credit: Baalel / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

To be heard. To be loved. All of us want that even if we don’t recognize it on a conscious level. When deprived, kids can act out or get involved in various levels of self-destruction. Adults can be much worse.

Loneliness drives people to do strange things. Without love, we cannot survive. We self-destruct and feel unworthy of reciprocal love, and sometimes we never understand why.

I think it’s hard to find a listening and caring ear. Most people are so self-absorbed that they can’t get past themselves to reach a deeper level in a relationship with others.

We’ve become impersonal. Distant. Closed off. No longer human. If I reach someone on a human level, would they reach back? Tell me we’re not lost and destroyed by the technology of our own making. It makes me sad to see cell phones become as attached as a limb. Especially while good company walks along right next to you. I need some hope. Some truth. Some humanity. Lest I become like them.

But I am like them. I have the same faults, sometimes the same dreams, and always, that thin veil of humanity that so easily tears. Why is transparency such a hard concept? Why is it so hard to be the person we are born as? None of us were meant to live as someone else. And if we spend all of our time pretending to be someone else, we inevitably end up following the life path of someone else. So we’re not happy because we’re not living the life we really dream of.

The sad thing is that so often, we don’t even realize that we are “them.” It’s the whole “us-versus-them” thing. There is no them. Just us. We are all on the same plane, even if we’re playing by different rules.

I’ve always considered myself a very real person. I don’t try to make myself seem like something I’m not. Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to saying nothing at all and not revealing who I really am, especially to new people. It’s like I’m afraid to reveal who I am because I’m afraid I’ll be taken as something I’m not. I’m just as fake as the rest of us.

When I should be gentle, I’m indifferent. When I long to cry, I put on a tough face until I can escape to a dark bedroom to let the real emotions out. I just don’t understand why emotions are considered so bad that we’re encouraged to hide them. Hiding emotions hides our humanity. We weren’t meant to be robots. We are human. And sometimes, humans cry. Sometimes they are angry. And you know what? That’s okay.

There really isn’t anything wrong with being angry. Anger itself is not the problem. It is how we let the anger shape us. If we let it take control, we’re in deep. But if we use it constructively, we can change the wrongs we see in the world.

So let’s stop this masquerade. Let’s be human together. Open. Honest. Human.



Photo credit: Baalel / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)


One thought on “Lest I Become Like Them

  1. They’re out there just reach out and don’t pull back if you get burned. Also technology is not destroying us. While it brings indifference and even hate in some circumstances it also brings out more love and connections between people than ever before possible.

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